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Alisha Edmiston, MSW, LCSW | Women's Therapy in Albuquerque, New Mexico

ACT | Life Transitions | Anxiety | Depression | DBT | Trauma | Grief and Loss | Couples Counseling

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No matter how difficult, there is a unique and authentic path you can discover with guidance and support. 

Aubrey Koczynski

Alisha Edmiston, MSW, LCSW

Are you looking for support in dealing with life's difficulties? If you are in a tough place due to experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, burnout, grief, trauma, lack of self-esteem, or find yourself stuck in emotions It can be challenging to know how to manage the things life can throw our way. No matter how difficult, there is a unique and authentic path you can discover with guidance and support. Itt takes an open mind and a willingness to take action to make intentional changes in your life.

My approach to therapy is to assist you in accepting your current life circumstances while learning to commit to take actionable steps towards what makes a meaningful life for you. This process will include focusing on helping you to struggle less with the thoughts, feelings, sensations, and memories you don't want so you can move towards your values.

My commitment to you is I will listen openly and without judgement. I focus on understanding your needs so I can best serve you. I like direct communication, so do not worry if you tell me straight how you're feeling... I will also be direct with you. My role is to support you - you will be in control of this process and you will be the one doing the work.

I'm accepting new clients...

Women | Couples | Families | Adolescents | Anxiety | Depression | Counseling | Trauma

When life comes at you unexpected, we're here to help. Ready to make a positive change?

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