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Christopher Carpenter, MA, LPCC 

Adolescents| Addiction| Anxiety | Depression | Anger Management | Trauma | Couples Counseling

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I have been working in the counseling field for 14 years both in agency and private practice. I use many therapeutic methods, as I feel that each person will respond better to different therapeutic methods. 


Christopher Carpenter, MA,LPCC

Clinical Counselor

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Based Therapy are areas I've used to meet the needs of my clients. My friends and family say II’m definitely in the field that best suites my personality as I have a laid back demeanor, I’m a great listener, and I utilize and teach cognitive and behavioral skills that’ll help assist in relieving negative emotional states and help facilitate more peace and trust within my client’s lives. I truly care about each and every client I work with and allow each client to work at their own pace. 

I have extensive experience working with adolescents as well as areas of anxiety, depression, suicide, anger management, and gender identities.  I have extensive experience in working with adolescents and with adults and their families who are dealing with addictions and substance use. I enjoy working with couples who are either at a crossroads in their relationship or are just desiring greater communication with one another. It is my passion to see my clients meet their goals and watch them reach the point of positive self-esteem and confidence for their future endeavors. I can’t wait to meet with you and work towards that future you want and deserve.

I'm accepting new clients...

Women | Couples | Families | Adolescents | Anxiety | Depression | Counseling | Trauma

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