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DBT counselor albuquerque

Nancy Roberts MS, LMFT | Women's Therapy in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Mindfulness | HSP High Sensitivity | Brainspotting | Trauma | Anxiety | Depression | Intense Emotions

Grief, trauma, and other big struggles can often cause us to turn inward and retreat from others. But we heal best in connection, not isolation. I will offer a safe, compassionate space to be seen and heard, and also provide practical tools you can use outside of sessions. . I specialize in working with individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, interpersonal struggles, trauma, intense emotions, grief, and high sensitivity.  

Brainspotting in Albuquerque

Nancy Roberts MS, LMFT

Our early experiences often shape how we interact and connect with others. We often find ourselves, perhaps subconsciously, choosing relationships with similar types of individuals from our past, as an attempt to repair. It’s important to remember that we do this because it is what we know best at the time to take care of ourselves. But maybe something different is needed now?


I also work with many clients who have been told they are too “sensitive,” or need to “toughen up.” Or maybe they feel exhausted by stimulation or spending time with big groups of people. Up to 20% of our population is made up of those who fit the category of being a highly sensitive person (HSP). 

Being an HSP also comes with gifts such as deeper empathy, a greater appreciation for art and music, and stronger connections with others. I will give you tools for nurturing and empowering your sensitive self so you can feel comfortable in your own skin. 


For whatever brings you to therapy, change starts with a corrective emotional experience with a person who will hold space for you, make you feel seen and heard, and validate you. Some other techniques I might use include mindfulness, DBT, somatic work, and brainspotting, an effective technique that helps to process trauma safely and quickly. It would be my honor to walk alongside you on your path to healing.


Postpartum Support International/Maternal Mental Health 

Women | Couples | Families | Adolescents | Anxiety | Depression

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