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Shelly Bruce, LCSW | Women's Therapy in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  Grief and Loss | Anxiety | Depression | Addictions | Trauma | LGBTQA | Couples Counseling

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Shelly Bruce is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over 10 years of professional and clinical experience, working with individuals, couples, and groups to assist in empowering positive change in their lives.

Grief CounseingAlbuquerque

Shelly Bruce, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker

Shelly has worked extensively with people challenged by depression, stress and anxiety, grief and loss issues, addiction challenges and relationship barriers, obstacles, snd has also spent the past 4 years working in hospice care with her primary focus on assisting terminally ill patients in the process of healing personal soul injuries in order to gain acceptance and peace as they prepared for transitioning to end of life.


Her therapeutic approach is solution focused, client centered and strength based. Shelly utilizes several therapeutic modalities including evidence based Cognitive  Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing (MI) to guide her clients toward achieving their goals and realizing positive outcomes.


Shelly believes you are the expert in your life and you are in control of where and how you want to center your attention on self. She supports the idea that you determine how deep you want to explore your personal and unique recovery and healing and is committed to her clients and will be there to guide you through your therapeutic journey ensuring you feel comfortable in a relaxed, inviting, and safe environment. She believes the heart of your healing process begins with the interconnection between you and your therapist. 


Shelly understands it takes tremendous courage to take the first steps to getting help in improving self and she believes finding the right fit with a therapist is key to building a solid foundation for a positive and successful therapeutic experience. She believes identifying your personal strengths and using those strengths to empower and motivate you to overcome your unique challenges will help you experience fulfillment and healing as you develop the skills to turn your challenges into opportunities.

I'm accepting new clients...

Women | Couples | Families | Adolescents | Anxiety | Depression | Counseling | Trauma

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