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Aubrey Boom Kopczynski, MA, LPPC, NCC | Women's Therapy in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Life Transitions | Addiction | Anxiety | Women and Men | Trauma | Adolescents | Relationships | Empowerment | Life Coaching

Aubrey Boom Kopczynski is an Independently Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Licensed Supervisor, LPCC, Life Coach, positive mindset mentor, and a lover of helping others take their lives to the next level.  Aubrey works with both women and men. Her life was not always lived by the principles it is today.  She has done much work and research on herself, her mindset, and her physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological health.  Her medium is her story, her education in psychotherapy, and her daily practice of meditation. She disseminates the ever-increasing body of knowledge she has acquired and shares these timeless and powerful truths with her clients.

Life Coach New Mexico

Aubrey Boom Kopczynski (Owner) 


Finding a trusted therapist you connect with is one of the most important parts of your healing journey. Sometimes it’s overwhelming grief that brings us to counseling. At other times it’s a general malaise or undefined unhappiness. At times our sorrow or trauma is so dark we can barely breathe. Other times, we know there’s more to life, yet we are allowing it to pass us by. We don’t know how to re-engage, how to find that zest for life. Perhaps it's a spiritual awakening that's prompting you to seek support. We all need guidance and a safe space. 


Aubrey is both a Mental Health Therapist (LPCC) and Life Coach, often bringing elements of both to her sessions. The other therapists at Albuquerque Therapists bring their own combination of skills and approaches to the practice. Aubrey and her associates are here to provide a space for healing and insight, compassionate listening, and alternative perspectives.

Clients describe working with our team as: insightful, understanding, creative, deep, an uncanny ability to connect, kind, intuitive, astute, knowledgeable, a safe space. When you contact us, we will listen carefully to your needs and preferences. We look forward to hearing from you.

Life Transitions | Addiction | Anxiety | Spiritual | Trauma | Adolescents | Relationships | Empowerment | Life Coaching

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