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Couples counseling in New Mexico

Heidi Monge, LCSW

I utilize CBT, DBT, and Solution Focused Therapy while providing empathy and a non judgmental space for my clients to grow and heal.

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW and graduated with my Master’s in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh. I have experience in treating complex trauma, anxiety and depression in people throughout the lifespan, including families and couples. I am passionate about enhancing quality of life while taking pride in the values of communication, safety, and trust in working with individuals. I am deeply motivated to give back to my community.  


As quality of life is one of my values, it's important that I work in a modality that is person centered and beneficial in helping each individual meet their personal goals. These modalities include CBT, DBT and Solution-Focused therapy. I understand that individuals are in different stages in their lives and I've come to appreciate that everyone, regardless of individual circumstances, experiences challenging times of transitions and transformation. I believe these profound periods of upheaval and soul-searching provide unique opportunities for self-growth, personal reevaluation and the careful consideration of core values. I highly value the unique background and life circumstances for each of my clients and feel your previous experience shapes the way in which you respond to stress and change in the here and now. 

I welcome any and all emotions and will provide you with safety and active listening during each stage of our journey together. 


My role as your provider is to assist you in personal growth, alongside achievements toward your own goals. In doing so, helping you maintain a healthy, positive and improved lifestyle.

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