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Martha Villarreal, LCSW

Martha is a bilingual therapist who completed her Master of Social Work at New Mexico Highlands University. She has more than 15 years of experience working with a diverse population in various roles of medical social work, non-profit organizations, and mental health therapy. Her entire career has been in pursuit of helping the people of New Mexico. The population she works with includes adolescents, adults, couples, families, and geriatric populations. The modalities most utilized in session are CBT, mindfulness, trauma-informed care, communication skills and EMDR techniques to help clients successfully navigate challenging times and make the changes they need to achieve greater outcomes and reach treatment goals.

Martha helps people cope and resolve their issues of anxiety, depression, anger, self-esteem, and mood disorders. Martha received EMDR training for treatment of Trauma, including Complex Trauma and PTSD. She understands that each of us has unique strengths, difficulties, and life experiences. Each approach utilized is a tailored treatment plan to meet people’s individual needs so that they can reach their personal and relational goals.

Taking a step towards change can be intimidating and confusing. It is essential to understand how important it is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for individuals ready for change and healing. This should be a place where you can explore your emotional needs and overcome barriers that limit your full potential.

Specialties Include: Couples Counseling, Depression/Anxiety/Stress Management, Trauma, Grief Counseling, Anger Management, Parenting Support, Conflict Resolution.


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