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Albuquerque Therapists Specializes in WOMEN

and Couples Counseling

We understand the challenges unique to women and couples. When you're ready to find support and guidance through experienced, licensed professionals - we're here for you.


We help women struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, and life transitions learn practical skills to find their joy in life again.

All counseling sessions are provided over video at this time for your convenience. 

Yes, we are accepting new clients

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Every year, there are thousands of Women and Couples in New Mexico seeking counseling for their first time. Many are looking for better stress management or to get out from under anxiety or depression. Others are seeking ways to improve upon relationships, careers, or their personal lives. Albuquerque Therapists specializes in these issues.


If life is difficult right now and you are looking to improve your mental health, you are not alone. Annually, one in four adults experience the need for mental health assistance each year. More people will experience stress, grief, or problems at home. We've been there too, and we know how hard it can be to ask for help. Albuquerque Therapists was established to fill the gap.

Depression counseling New Mexico

Regulating Your Emotions and Coping with Anxiety

Are you at an emotional crossroads? Do you suffer from anxiety or find yourself coping with worries by pushing feelings to the side? Are you numbing with isolation, food, alcohol, or work? If you’re struggling to find emotional balance, we can help you become present in your body, understand the messages your mind is communicating, evaluate any emotional or body disconnects, and get your mind/body/soul working together in synergistic balance.

Couples Counseling Albuquerque

Couples Counseling 

Meaningful relationships don't have to be painful. Couples Counseling helps to assist in healing the wounds that have damaged your relationship bond and rebuild the trust, communication, and intimacy that leads to a strong partnership.

If you're feeling your partner:

Doesn't understand you

Acts like a roommate 

Is uncomfortable with conflict

Is highly emotional

Has engaged in infidelity 

Is usually angry or aloof towards your needs

Isn't the same person you fell in love with

Makes you feel they aren't on the same team

girl on mountain life transitions

Navigating Life Transitions

Life transitions cause upheaval, sometimes joy, sometimes pain but all can be catalysts that lead toward immense growth and change. Our role is to guide you through these transitions, helping you endure difficult times, providing a space for reflection and understanding, and supporting and challenging you to create meaningful change.


Empowering Women and Couples

We empower women and couples to overcome anxiety, life changes, relationship challenges, and more. Although we work with all people, Albuquerque Therapists focuses on women and couples who are ready to face their struggles. Ultimately, we will work together toward positive change in a supportive, therapeutic environment.


Meet The Team

Art Therapy New Mexico

Heather Wulfers

“Therapy is a safe space for reflection, self-care and compassionate listening, so that internal communication between head, heart, and soul harmonize to create peace of mind and clear action.”

My approach to therapy is to assist you in accepting your current life circumstances while learning to commit to take actionable steps towards what makes a meaningful life for you. 

Life Transitions Counseling New Mexico
BIPOC Counseling New Mexico

We're accepting new clients & accept most insurances.

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EMDR New Mexico


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • OCD

  • Couples Counseling

  • PTSD

  • Life Coaching

  • Men's Counseling

  • ​Life After Divorce   

  • Life Transitions

  • Relationship Struggles

  • Adolescents

  • Grief and Loss

  • Menopause


  • Substance Misuse

  • Alcohol Misuse

  • Spiritual Awakenings

  • Parenting Issues

  • Trauma

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Private Pain


Individualized Therapy

Through individualized therapy sessions, our therapists will work with you to develop a custom treatment plan that is solution focused and based on your specific goals, needs, and values. We will empower you with the tools and support you need so you can resolve your issues, gain confidence, and break free from negative behaviors and thought patterns.

Reach Out To Us

Book an online counseling appointment with us. It only takes a couple minutes. Click here to book with us. Or fill out this form. 

Get Matched With The Perfect Therapist

The Plan

We’ll match you with the right therapist for YOU. She'll be well versed in your particular challenge and will ensure your comfort and ease from your first session.

Your First Appointment

Starting from your first appointment, you’ll be given tools and resources you need to live a more positive and empowered life. Weekends and Evening Available.



"Albuquerque Therapists takes an approach unlike any other that encourages you to grow and lends you insight into revealing your untapped strengths. Highly recommended if you feel lost, depressed, anxious or need a boost towards creating your best life"

C. W.

"Aubrey is an incredible therapist. If you want your life to change, call her! I was very skeptical to reach out to a therapist as I feared that they would just give me some self-help book version, but Aubrey really understands different ways to help you see different things about yourself and has the capacity to go very deep. I wanted someone to hold me accountable to have a greater life, and help me see where my road blocks were - exceeded my expectations! Albuquerque Therapists is highly recommended"

C. C.

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